What Could You Do With $10.00?


Go to a movie, put 3 gallons of gas in your car, buy 2 happy meals at McDonalds, treat yourself to 5 snow-cones, get 10 items at the dollar store, play one round of putt-putt, or provide a “Playground for Jesus” to children in a hurting neighborhood.

God is doing amazing things at the Wesley House in Meridian, Mississippi!!!!!!!

Together we can influence the two little boys who were spray painting their guns to better conceal their weapons, the 10 year old little girl who was told nobody cares about you and they will never build you a playground, the little girl who just got pregnant because here cousin was pimping her out, the two men in the van who said they worship Satan, the 80 kids who came to our first movie night, the women prostituting themselves on mattresses in the field, the 15 kids who have been coming to a Bible Study the last two weeks, and everyone who sees God at work in our community.

We are seeking funds and have a line item in the budget at the Wesley House named Playgrounds for Jesus. We feel this will change lives as it already has for five youth who have accepted Christ during the last month. You can already sense the change in the area. We have a vision of fencing in the open field adjacent to the Wesley House, building a basketball court, pavilion, and recreational area. The cost is $45,000.00. Many people think it cannot be done. So far we have painted the exterior buildings, hung a privacy fence, installed a basketball goal, poured a basketball court, and landscaped the entire lot. We are not finished!!! God will provide the $45,000.00 to finish this project. Please join in!!!

How can you join in this effort? Please email this to everyone you know, and make a tax deductible contribution to the Wesley House for $10.00. Please put on the bottom of the check Playground for Jesus. Mail donations to the following:

Wesley House

ATT: Trey Long

4509 7th Ave

Meridian, MS 39305

Skip going to a movie, putting 3 gallons of gas in your car, buying 2 happy meals at McDonalds, treating yourself to 5 snow-cones, getting 10 items at the dollar store, playing one round of putt-putt, and instead provide a “Playground for Jesus” to children in a hurting neighborhood.

If you would like more details you can call Trey Long at 601-934-9427.


Trey Long

a couple of things to think about

I ran across two quotes recently that have have helped me think through some things. I think that you will like them. The first is from legendary Mississippi baseball player and coach Boo Ferriss. Here is what he had to say, "I've always thought that the athletic field is a great training field for life. It's the best place next to the home and the church for children to learn. Long after a boy hangs up his spikes or cleats, he'll be drawing on lessons he learned from playing ball."

I'm glad that my friend Timothy is going to play at Delta State this season. He'll get a big dose of this kind of wisdom. Ferriss knows something important. Athletics open big doors and provide opportunities to shape the young.

I love watching my friend Neil gather a group of boys to play basketball. I know what's going to happen. During a needed breather, he'll tell them about Christ and encourage them to be honorable men. A number of boys have given their hearts to Christ recently because of this.

My friends installed a basketball goal at the Wesley House this week. My Pentecostal buddies would call Wesley House a, "Dream Center." It's now a dream center with a court. Why? Because the gospel is communicated through foolish things and foolish people. God's way smarter than we are. He ordains the very things we sometimes sniff at. Keep playing for God's sake!

The second quote is from Steven Smith, College Pastor at FBC Jackson, MS. Here is what he had to say, "We are an old, traditional downtown church, but God has blessed this church because of its commitment to the Great Commission and the willingness to do whatever it takes to reach people. Our church is changing, growing, adapting in many ways so that we can be strategic and effective in reaching Jackson, Miss., and the world with the gospel."

I think that this truly describes a great church in a sister city. I also think it illustrates what is happening in Meridian. We've got to keep moving in the direction of people that need Christ. God will bless when we do!

Just something to think about as you continue to serve Christ and community.
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