Clarity Needed

Clarity is one of the most import parts of good leadership. Vision is more about seeing the river in front of us than decades into the future. We are more river pilot then palm reader. We need to see the rocks and turns as they approach in the distance. . Murkiness creeps into our thought processes through an assortment of mental and spiritual pollutants. These pollutants keep us from visioning well. The darkest pollutant is unforgiveness.

Doriss Hambrick gave a devotional at our monthly deacons gathering last night that affirmed this for me. She read 2 Corinthians 2:3-11. It’s a passage about the hard work of forgiving. Verse 11 asserts that unforgiveness leads to Satanic deception. Unforgiveness makes us dumb and vulnerable. That’s ample reason to give forgiveness a shot.
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