Joe Trull once wrote, “Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers not only taught a way of thinking, they claimed to pursue a bios, a ‘way of life.’” The bible speaks of God’s way or the way of the Lord. Jesus presented himself as the way and his earliest followers were called people of the way. The word WAY is packed with ethical implications.

When it comes to serving our neighbors in groups we often simply need a WAY to start. I’m using this talk sheet for chalk board sessions with groups at FBC Waco to help launch simply ministry projects that expose our groups to God’s mission in our world. It will be fleshed out but this gives you an idea of where we are going.


...do not oppress the widow and the orphan, the foreigner and the poor.

Zechariah 7:10

Nicholas Wolterstorff talks about the, “quartet of the vulnerable.” Other biblical passages further flesh out the Who. Do you have friends, relatives, associates, or neighbors in a vulnerable place?

Available Support?

What ministries, agencies or groups are currently working on this?

What is going undone?


What resources does our group possess?

Should we partner with an existing group?

What do we need to find out?

What is our next step?

Gathered and Scattered

Our friend Jean Ann Jones gave me a beautiful photograph of our sanctuary. It was taken over 100 years ago. I love the light coming through the windows. I am also excited about seeing the Lord’s Supper table. Bill Ramer did a wonderful job of restoring that piece. It is a wooden parable of what God can do. The sanctuary is filled with beauty but the people are absent.

I wonder what the congregants were doing the day of the photo so many years ago. I can imagine that they were going about their work. They were teaching, ranching, tending house, doing all kinds of business. The kids were probably playing. The babies were napping. The people that were FBC Waco were living. They gathered in that beautiful room but they lived outside those walls. They gathered in the sanctuary but scattered to live, love, and serve. They are our spiritual ancestors and exemplars.

We gather in the same beautiful room. We come from all over the county and meet a few times each week in our centrally located meeting house. I love gathering with our church family. We come from West and McGregor and all spots in between. Gathering makes us stronger.

We scatter to live. I encourage you to see the end of our worship gatherings as an entrance to your primary mission field. Your mission takes place where you work, shop, and play. Ask God to help you serve the cause of Easter as you go about your life. Invite your friends to gather with us. Invest in them and love them as we scatter.
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