O How He Loves You and Me

I had wonderful experience yesterday. I spend a little time hanging out with Kurt Kaiser. He was kind enough to let me drop by his house and talk about a song that touches me deeply. His 1975 song, "O How He Loves You and Me" was my uncle Steve's final lesson for his students and has become my creed (more about this later). I am going to preach a sermon series based on this chorus. It will start on Feb. 13 and continue until March 6. Kurt Kaiser will join us on the 6th and help lead in worship. I count all of this as a gift of God's kindness.

O How He Loves You and Me is a testimony, a confession. I'd  like to hear yours. In the spirit of the favorite passages series I'd like you to send me your responses to  this -

Tell me a little about your love relationship with Jesus. How did it begin?

Your testimony is a beautiful song of redemption and it needs to be sung. Enjoy the YouTube videos of O How He Loves You and Me. Click on the title of the blog piece to link to Kurt's blog.

50 Plus Retreat Bible Study Notes

     I'm giving a bible study for a senior adult retreat this week at the Latham Springs Retreat Center. Here are the rough notes. If you were there -  thanks. I hope you were encouraged.

All The Lord’s People: The Church in Service to Christ and Community

Luke 9:28-36 – The Encounter

Jesus filled the prophetic office of Moses. Deuteronomy 8:15, “The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your people; you shall heed such a prophet.”

Jesus was connected to Elijah, the prophet of the eschaton. Malachi 4:5

The disciples were sleepy but stayed awake. This is an interesting little detail and we should not make too much of it but there is something important about being awake. Falling asleep at the wrong times causes you to miss things. (s) “Odell and the Hearing Aide” (s) Alice Dell Rolling Out of the Pew – Ephesians 5:14-25

Peter- Three equal booths calls to mind the Feast of Tabernacles and God’s provision in the desert. Don’t camp here – keep moving.

Shekinah glory and the voice of God – my son, my chosen, listen to him. “Jesus was found alone.” Christ is utterly unique. Colossians – revelation, creation, dominion, salvation.

Luke 9:37-43 – Into the Mess

The inner circle walks back down into a mess. Mark 9:28-29, “why?...only through prayer” J. Lyle Story, “Some demons are stronger than others.” Spiritual preparation for ministry is vitally important. God openly rewards the secret life of prayer.

Luke 9:44-48 – We Don’t Always Learn From Experience

Admiration is short lived. There’s a cross in the middle of history. Pride seems to be the human default setting. Jesus models Godly humility – the child at his side. God hangs out with weird people. See Timothy Keller’s work.

Luke 9:49-50 – Making Room for Others

Church should be a place concerned with power. We often settle for a cheap knock-off of real power and settle for control. Jesus wants empowered and released disciples. Jesus IS like Moses was – Numbers 11:26-30

God wants us to see Christ as he is and serve in the light of the vision. The service that brings God pleasure is spiritually vital, humble, and inclusive. Let’s wake up and walk down the hill with th

Pilgrims on the Amarillo Trail

I got back from a mad dash road trip last night. Here's the early morning coffee scribble about it -

Darin Davis and I are becoming friends. I prayed for friends when we moved to Texas and God has really shown out. We've met some truly wonderful people. Darin is one of the best.

One of the common things about good people is they know a truck load of other good people and  want to share them. Darin's roots run deep in the dirt of the Texas High Plains. Amarillo has a decent share of good people, many of them friends to Darin. We drove up this week to share a little life with a few of them.

I'm thankful for Howie Batson of FBC Amarillo. We had breakfast and he was interested in our lives and work. He offered good advice and his cell phone number. One of the marks of a good leader is the desire to invest in others. Thanks Howie. I'll be calling.

We also met with Dr. Winfred Moore. Our church family loves him and it's clear why. He is a larger than life character yet a pilgrim and student at 91. I found him curious, a good listener, brave with his confessions, and insightful. He knows how to confer the blessing. He blessed me. We all need mentors, peers, and proteges. I'm glad God dishes them up in his good time. It's one of the chief ways the church finds her voice.

Save This Date - February 5th


Seminar title: Science and Faith: Breaking Down the Wall

Sponsored by: First Baptist Church of Waco, Texas, and the Center for Ministry Effectiveness and Educational Leadership at Baylor University

Location: First Baptist Church, Fellowship Hall, Waco, Texas

Date and time: Saturday, February 5, 2011. 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Lunch served.

Registration: Contact Carol Huckeby at 254-752-3000 or e-mail chuckeby@fbcwaco.org. $25 registration fee payable to First Baptist Church, Waco; $5 for students.

What is this seminar designed to do?

One of the great challenges deep in American culture today is reconciling tenets of the Christian faith with those of modern science. Many noted scientists and mathematicians often think they cannot become Christians due to the common misconceptions of conflicts between faith and science. High school and college students often lose their faith because of this same misunderstanding. Many Christians see science as a threat to their faith rather than a means to enriching it.

The goal of this seminar is to educate people of the church (as well as those outside the church) regarding the engagement of faith and science. The intent is to help clergy and laity alike understand how, in their pursuit of truth as Christian people, their faith will be strengthened and their Christian effectiveness increased when they take both biblical theology and science seriously. The sponsors of this seminar believe that as Christians better understand the relationship between the Christian faith and the scientific investigation of the natural world, many who may currently see these as antagonistic, or at best as disconnected, will begin to view them as complementary, while also mutually informing and edifying. Christians—indeed, congregations—will become more aware of the positive relationship between faith and science that is possible when each is properly understood, with God seen as the author of both.

The speakers for the seminar are Gerald Cleaver, Associate Professor of Physics, Barry Harvey, Professor of Theology, and Phyllis Tippit, Lecturer in Geology and Interdisciplinary Science, all from Baylor University. If you wish to receive additional information about this seminar, contact Julie Covington at Baylor (tel.: 254-710-4677 or email Julie_Covington@baylor.edu ).
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