O How He Loves You and Me

I had wonderful experience yesterday. I spend a little time hanging out with Kurt Kaiser. He was kind enough to let me drop by his house and talk about a song that touches me deeply. His 1975 song, "O How He Loves You and Me" was my uncle Steve's final lesson for his students and has become my creed (more about this later). I am going to preach a sermon series based on this chorus. It will start on Feb. 13 and continue until March 6. Kurt Kaiser will join us on the 6th and help lead in worship. I count all of this as a gift of God's kindness.

O How He Loves You and Me is a testimony, a confession. I'd  like to hear yours. In the spirit of the favorite passages series I'd like you to send me your responses to  this -

Tell me a little about your love relationship with Jesus. How did it begin?

Your testimony is a beautiful song of redemption and it needs to be sung. Enjoy the YouTube videos of O How He Loves You and Me. Click on the title of the blog piece to link to Kurt's blog.

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