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Seminar title: Science and Faith: Breaking Down the Wall

Sponsored by: First Baptist Church of Waco, Texas, and the Center for Ministry Effectiveness and Educational Leadership at Baylor University

Location: First Baptist Church, Fellowship Hall, Waco, Texas

Date and time: Saturday, February 5, 2011. 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Lunch served.

Registration: Contact Carol Huckeby at 254-752-3000 or e-mail $25 registration fee payable to First Baptist Church, Waco; $5 for students.

What is this seminar designed to do?

One of the great challenges deep in American culture today is reconciling tenets of the Christian faith with those of modern science. Many noted scientists and mathematicians often think they cannot become Christians due to the common misconceptions of conflicts between faith and science. High school and college students often lose their faith because of this same misunderstanding. Many Christians see science as a threat to their faith rather than a means to enriching it.

The goal of this seminar is to educate people of the church (as well as those outside the church) regarding the engagement of faith and science. The intent is to help clergy and laity alike understand how, in their pursuit of truth as Christian people, their faith will be strengthened and their Christian effectiveness increased when they take both biblical theology and science seriously. The sponsors of this seminar believe that as Christians better understand the relationship between the Christian faith and the scientific investigation of the natural world, many who may currently see these as antagonistic, or at best as disconnected, will begin to view them as complementary, while also mutually informing and edifying. Christians—indeed, congregations—will become more aware of the positive relationship between faith and science that is possible when each is properly understood, with God seen as the author of both.

The speakers for the seminar are Gerald Cleaver, Associate Professor of Physics, Barry Harvey, Professor of Theology, and Phyllis Tippit, Lecturer in Geology and Interdisciplinary Science, all from Baylor University. If you wish to receive additional information about this seminar, contact Julie Covington at Baylor (tel.: 254-710-4677 or email ).

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