Bird and Groovy Give Thanks

Friday Night Lights

I went to the Meridian High football game with my friend Tyler last night. I was reminded why I love high school games as much as I do. I got a chance to see friends and I witnessed our community come together in common purpose for a few hours. The football was also great. There is something pure about high school games. I'm old enough now to see that the players are really kids. Tyler and I decided that we had reached the age in life that we could wear Meridian High caps and not look like the old goobers that still hang out in parking lots along North Hills Street. Sports are for kids. This is the reason that the Little Leage World Series is my favorite athletic event of the year. Forget the pagan Super Bowl! High School football is also about hope. You say things like, "I think Russell will play on Sundays one day." I think I'll probably watch Meridian play South Panola on MPB next week. Bird and Groovy will enjoy. We may get real crazy and drive to Jackson. It will be great!

Advent: Pray, Love, Manage, Serve

We are kicking off the season of Advent this week. I'm preaching Sunday night from 1 Peter 4:7-11. The first Sunday in the season is historically given to a homily or sermon about The End. Advent is about the coming of Christ (think Seventh-Day Adventists). The Nativity Advent will be celebrated in a month and Advent prepares us for that. It also prepares us for the Second Advent of Christ.

"Downtown" Christians don't talk much about the second coming of Christ. It's makes you look kind of TBN. The scripture, however, does talk about it. It always points to the practical "therefore" of the subject. Peter affirms the truth of Christ's second advent and points to four things we should give ourselves to until He comes. I've boiled them down to four words.


Come to FBC Sunday and I'll flesh these out for you. Have a happy Advent!

Be near me Lord Jesus - I ask thee to stay

We put up our Christmas tree last night. Meredith found out (Facebook of course) that a number of our friends had already put up their trees. The city of Meridian began decorating before Halloween this year. Why so early?

Here is my theory - This has been a tough year. If you are rich you got pounded in the stock market. If you are like me you got pounded in the milk and gas market (that's where I invest most of my money). We just came through a nasty election. People are ready for some good news. What news is better than Christmas? Easter!

November Reading

I'm re-reading a great book by R.T. Kendall. It's a good one for this time of year.


A friend told me recently that she had caught some flack for making a profession of faith and for presenting herself for baptism. Her friends believed that she was "reeled in" by First Baptist Church. I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now and have come to embrace the "reeled in" metaphor.

Jesus said that he would make his followers fishers of people. Christians are part of his fishing enterprise. To be reeled in by Christ is a wonderful thing. I remember Father Henry Hudson of St. Paul's Episcopal Church say that he once thought of church as a place where we go to fish for God. The Supper and the Sermon, in his view, were ways we try to hook God. Fr. Henry came to believe that these means of grace are really ways God fishes for our hearts. He pursues us.

I'm glad God hooked me and I pray he continues to use me to fish for people. I pray that you will join him in his work. It really is a good thing.

A Prayer for Election Day

I was asked to give the invocation at the Meridian City Council Meeting today. I'm thinking about election day like everyone else. This is what I prayed -


You are our creator, redeemer and sustainer.
You have demonstrated your love for this World by giving your very best so that we can live. We thank you.

We seek your blessing today for our nation. We are now voting for new leadership.

We pray for John McCain and Barak Obama. We ask you to grant them wisdom and grace. Their words and actions today will impact our lives and the future of our nation.

We pray for Ronnie Musgrove and Roger Wicker. They have fought a difficult and sometimes bitter senatorial race. Bring healing to the state of Mississippi and to their friendship.

We pray for all other candidates for office and the election process. May it be peaceful.

We seek your favor for our country. Our ancestors came here on different ships but we are in the same boat. Our future is linked. Make us one nation, under God, indivisible.

Bless this city and our servant leaders. Go before them as they act on our behalf.

We thank you for your faithful love and pray in your kind and holy name.

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