A friend told me recently that she had caught some flack for making a profession of faith and for presenting herself for baptism. Her friends believed that she was "reeled in" by First Baptist Church. I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now and have come to embrace the "reeled in" metaphor.

Jesus said that he would make his followers fishers of people. Christians are part of his fishing enterprise. To be reeled in by Christ is a wonderful thing. I remember Father Henry Hudson of St. Paul's Episcopal Church say that he once thought of church as a place where we go to fish for God. The Supper and the Sermon, in his view, were ways we try to hook God. Fr. Henry came to believe that these means of grace are really ways God fishes for our hearts. He pursues us.

I'm glad God hooked me and I pray he continues to use me to fish for people. I pray that you will join him in his work. It really is a good thing.
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