Friday Night Lights

I went to the Meridian High football game with my friend Tyler last night. I was reminded why I love high school games as much as I do. I got a chance to see friends and I witnessed our community come together in common purpose for a few hours. The football was also great. There is something pure about high school games. I'm old enough now to see that the players are really kids. Tyler and I decided that we had reached the age in life that we could wear Meridian High caps and not look like the old goobers that still hang out in parking lots along North Hills Street. Sports are for kids. This is the reason that the Little Leage World Series is my favorite athletic event of the year. Forget the pagan Super Bowl! High School football is also about hope. You say things like, "I think Russell will play on Sundays one day." I think I'll probably watch Meridian play South Panola on MPB next week. Bird and Groovy will enjoy. We may get real crazy and drive to Jackson. It will be great!


Unknown said...

Amen!! Nothing better than Ray Stadium with great old friends. Who knows, maybe in 15 or 16 years, we will be in those same stands cheering on Wes and the Mighty Mighty Wildcats.

Matt Snowden said...

That'd work for me. Wes might be five rows up cheering on the cheer leaders.

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