Advent: Pray, Love, Manage, Serve

We are kicking off the season of Advent this week. I'm preaching Sunday night from 1 Peter 4:7-11. The first Sunday in the season is historically given to a homily or sermon about The End. Advent is about the coming of Christ (think Seventh-Day Adventists). The Nativity Advent will be celebrated in a month and Advent prepares us for that. It also prepares us for the Second Advent of Christ.

"Downtown" Christians don't talk much about the second coming of Christ. It's makes you look kind of TBN. The scripture, however, does talk about it. It always points to the practical "therefore" of the subject. Peter affirms the truth of Christ's second advent and points to four things we should give ourselves to until He comes. I've boiled them down to four words.


Come to FBC Sunday and I'll flesh these out for you. Have a happy Advent!

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