Soul Food

I love soul food. The mention of it makes me smile. Soul food feeds the body and as the name implies it feeds the soul. Soul food can be procured in family kitchens, mom and pop restaurants, church fellowship halls, and other fine places. Soul food is loved by young and old, rich and poor. It’s good stuff.

I posted a picture of a soul food restaurant sign on Facebook recently and my old friend Bum Bounds commented that he was sure our church was probably much like the lunch place. He surmised that we were open to all and ready to feed the soul. I want us to live up to that belief.

We will focus on a number of important soul nutrients this summer. I think June and July will be important months for us. We will be reminded of ways to strengthen ourselves in the faith. Come and grab some Soul Food with friends. Bring friends with you! Here’s the message schedule:

June 5 Introduction and Scripture Intake

June 12 Gratitude

June 19 Industry

June 26 Friendship

June 3 Freedom (Curt Krushwitz)

July 10 Rest

July 17 Solitude

July 24 Vocation

July 31 Courage (Jamie McCallum)
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