A Guild of Donkeys

I just finished listening to Dr. Timothy George's talk given at the Baptist Identity Conference at Union University. It was a wonderful lecture on the current needs of our Baptist fellowship. He called us to mine the Christian heritage (retrival for renewal), to particularity in the service of unity and to humility in the presence of the holy. I think the irenic nature manifest in Dr. George and David Dockery is the only real hope for a Southern Baptist future.

Dr. George closed his lecture with a quote form the theolgian Karl Barth on the occasion of his 80th birthday celebration. He told those honoring him that he was just a donkey bearing the message of Christ. Dr. George said that we are at the core just a guild of donkeys. It's at word we need to hearken to for it is high time to tremble.


Perry McCall said...

Oh, the inappropriate responses I could write. However, I will be polite and sanctified.

Matt Snowden said...

I think I know the ones you are thinking about. The one that comes to mind for me is - "If our call is to be a guild of donkeys why do we act like a bunch of J---A----?

Oops, I hope no one was offended by that.

Check in later this week I'm planning a post titled, "The Three Amigos of the Borderland?: Al Mohler, Stan Norman and Roger Olson. I'll need your insight.

Have a good Wendesday.

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