The Church's Forward Thrust

In 1967 E. Glenn Hinson wrote some powerful words about personal evangelism. They have retained their punch over the years. See what you think -

As we face a more and more secular era, we must develop a more natural and more personal witness. The plan is simple. First, let us encourage church members to develop natural and mature friendships with those around them - in their neighborhood, on the job, where they shop, and so on. Next, let their personal maturity and Christian commitment make an impression upon those whose friendships they cultivate. Everything, naturally hinges on thier personal maturity and Christian commitment. Then, on the basis of an established confidence, let them secure commitment to Jesus Christ.

This type of witnessing has been the church's major asset through the centuries. Presently we need to refocus it so that it will again bear the major brunt of the church's forward thrust.

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Tauratinswe said...

Somehow this seems like the way Jesus and the early followers of "The Way" did things. Today we've succumed to the values of our society and use marketing methods to seduce people to join our religious organizations. Much of our evangelism is closer to McDonalds (millions of burgers sold -- souls saved -- and thousands of new outlets opened -- churches planted) than the organic growth of the early church.

Hinson is always one worth listening to and emulating.

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