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Mark Rotramel said...

Hey, old friend!

Just thought I'd check in and see how it's going for you. I'm still pushing to complete my proposal, with mid-January submittal planned. I should graduate in August,'08. My foundation paper has been submitted, but I'm waiting to hear if it was accepted.

Wedding plans are in full swing, with my oldest son planning on getting married on Dec. 29. How's your family?

Take care - shalom! Mark

Matt Snowden said...


It is great to hear from you and as always you give me encouragment. I'm at about the same place you are. I sent a draft of the foundation paper to Dr. Garland. He reviewed it and I'm working on a revision. I sent a very rough draft of the proposal to Dr. Godfrey. He gave me a bunch of good advice. I pushing for the same time frame. With a truckload of grace we'll walk together.

My family is doing well. The kids are growing way to fast.

Your son will be married on my birthday!

Great to hear from you. Eat some South Texas grub for me.

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