Why Should FBCM Partner with the Mississippi Baptist Convention and other Christians to build a family a home on the MS Gulf Coast?

Building a house is costly. It takes a pickup load of TIME, TALENT, and TREASURE. Why would we want to do this? Here are some of the reasons I've come up with -

1. We can bless a family for generations to come. The family that we are to be partnered with are young. The couple is in their thirties with two children under seven. They are hard workers and could use a break. The Gulf Coast Baptist Association has selected them to get a home. The investment we make in this family could really make a difference for a long time.

2. We have have been blessed to be a blessing. Faithful members of FBC Meridian have given so that the church in this generation can be the Presence of Christ in our world. We have a holy trust to keep. We have mission resources that need to be invested in Kingdom concerns. God has given us strength. We should give him glory.

3. Rebuilding the Gulf Coast is now in the hands of Mississippians. Baptist groups and other organizations like Samaritan's Purse have left the coast. We are the ones left to do the ministry in the name of Christ. Part of our church's mission strategy is to invest in places that are under-served. That would now describe Mississippi.

4. There is a biblical precident for helping other Christians following natural calamity. This was a major project for the apostle Paul. He was an engine of evangelism in the NT and was also concerned with meeting practical human needs. We can follow his example.

5. Short term mission teams contribute to fellowship and discipleship. People often have life changing experiences working on short-term mission teams. A person's relationships with Christ and Christians are strengthened through the experience.

6. The Great Commandment serves the Great Commission. Serving in the name of Jesus opens doors for the gospel. People have already given thier lives to Jesus because of the home building ministry on the coast. Check out Gene Williamson's testimony on this blog.

6 and 1/3. This will be fun!

These are just a few of my scribbles. There are other reasons to participate in this ministry. Can you think of others?

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