The Last Couple of Days

The last couple of days have been busy. Meridian is filled with people from the Coast and Louisiana. Meredith and some women from our church went to the local hotels yesterday to offer help and prayer. They gave away some info sheets that included my cell number. I fielded phone calls until about 2:00 last night. Most of the people were looking for information about local shelters. This was a simple way our church was able to connect with the people running from the storm.

Meredith returned to Laquinta Inn today to bring a little care package to some of her friends from Slidell. They had a baby and a 92 year old with them. Evacuations are simply not easy.

I spend a good portion of the day on the phone with relief workers and coastal residents. Our church just finished a home build project in Pearlington, MS. Over 100 homes in Pearlington took on water. I got Chris Bosarge on the phone about 7:00 tonight. He talked to his friend Bubba Bennett earlier today. Bubba weathered the storm in Pearlington and spent the day going around town in a flat-boat. The stop sign on Gin Road was covered in water. Chris' new house (our project) did not have water in it today but his inlaws house did. Chris, Missy and their two children (Christina and Codie) live with their inlaws. I talked to Mr. Scotty (Chris' father-in-law) and they are planning on going back tomorrow to survey the damage. Please pray for this family.

If you would like to keep up with some of the news in Pearlington check out This a blog maintained by a coalition of disaster relief organizations. The CBF of Mississippi is one of the coalition members.

I'll keep you posted on what I know!

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