Good Friday

The Lenten season and Holy Week have been calling me to connect with Jesus on a deeper level. Today is no exception. This is Good Friday and I'm spending it with my family. Meredith and Molly Katherine are doing some Easter shopping with Nanny. Wes and I are hanging at the in-laws house in Brandon. He's napping. I am sitting here thinking about the love of The Father and the sacrifice of The Son. I look at my son and marvel.

Molly Katherine and her friends washed each other's feet at church this week. When I look at a photo of those little hands and feet I can't help but think that Jesus was a kid once as well. A boy like Wes. He laughed and played. He grew and learned. He spent his life loving and being loved by his Father. They shared secrets. One Friday long ago their love for us reached a height that looks crazy from our perspective. The hands and feet that were once tiny were stained with the dark filth of a broken world. Why? Because we needed a savior and he came to save. Jesus went to the cross in obedience to the Father and becaused he loved us. I look at my sleeping son and shake my head.

How wide - the mercy of God.

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