A Tune for the Lord and Everyone

I enjoyed my time with Starlight Baptist this past Sunday morning and will forever be grateful to Bishop McClellan for the invitation. It was also nice having a group of friends from FBC join the worship experience. God, I think, was pleased.

The best part of the service from my point of view was the extended testimony time. The church members shared their stories of God's faithfulness and grace. This set up Sunday PM well. We talked about the value of our stories Sunday night during our Spring discipleship series, "The Externally Focused Life." I've been thinking about the power of testimony alot the last couple of days.

The clincher for me was the quote I read very early this morning. I found it in Alvin Reid's new evangelism handbook. It's from a blog by Ken Keathley and paints a good picture of the collective power of our personal stories of God. Check it out and then tell your story -

“Think of your salvation testimony as a melody being played on a quiet instrument—a clarinet or oboe, perhaps. You play the tune for the Lord and to anyone and everyone who will listen. Now imagine that one day, while engrossed in the joy of playing your simple song, you are joined by an enormous, massive orchestra. And not just an orchestra of dozens or even hundreds, but thousands and tens of thousands—and a choir that is even larger.
Their sudden appearance is overwhelming. What’s more, you realize that they didn’t really join you. Rather, it becomes clear that your melody is actually part of a much larger movement of music—a piece marvelous in its intricacy and genius. At that point you realize that your salvation isn’t just about you; your redemption is part of a plan that encompasses heaven and earth.”

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