The Unfettered God of Pentecost

I got to lead a group of young adults on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic last week. I could not have asked for a better team to work with. They served graciously and exhibited the kind of grit necessary to roll with the punches. We will share our stories during our church’s midweek service tonight at 6:30.

Someone asked me what the highlight of the trip was for me. There were many high points. The ministry in Sabaneta is maturing and it’s good to see growth in the work. God is doing great things with our friends in the city. The prayer walking is bearing fruit. Other evangelical groups are just now starting to come to Sabaneta. We met a couple with the Alliance churches that had been in the country just a few weeks. Greg Massey and I believe that the prayer saturation is making a difference. The peak of my experience this year was the new influx of Haitians. Sabaneta is very near the border and many Haitians came over after the calamity in their country. Jose and the church are working hard to connect with them.

We had a tri-lingual service on Sunday evening. We worshipped in English, Spanish, and Creole. The language complexity did a number of things for us. Three stand out.:

1. It humbled us. There are few things more frustrating than not being able to communicate.
2. It made us dependent on each other. We were forced to wait on one another. I’m not sure I’ve ever paid that much attention to fellow worshipers.
3. It magnified God. The God of Pentecost is just not restrained by the some local bonds that we are restrained by. God is the God of the whole Earth.

Please pray with me that the Dominican Republic trip continues to bear fruit in the lives of our team. Most were college students and this was their first international mission experience. I want this experience to change them forever. They glorified God and I sense they will continue to as they live for their neighbors and the nations!

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