Singing Together

We will sing new songs Sunday night. Our church family will gather at 7:00 to sing from our new Celebrating Grace hymnals. I can’t think of a better way to mark a new season in our congregational journey and I am excited.

Christians are singing people. We have expressed our heart through music for thousands of years. Singing together is a powerful experience. Singing is one of the chief ways we praise our God and King. Psalm 22:3 reads, “Yet you, the Holy One, who make your home in the praises of Israel,” What a thought! God is at home in our praise. When we sing together we set a place and invite the tender Presence. God comes and settles in with us. That is why we sing.

We also sing because singing draws us closer to each other. It takes a degree of humility to open up and sing in public. Humility is the rock of godly community. When we sing together we sing different parts but the same song. I cannot think of a better picture of community life. We are very different. We have different gifts and talents. We come from different backgrounds. We have different perspectives. We definitely have different personalities. Living with each other takes a truck load of grace and strong unifiers. Thank God we have both. He provides grace for the shared life and gives us a common song to sing. We need to sing. For our sake and the Kingdom’s we need to sing!

I am glad that I serve as the pastor of FBC Waco. The church is my family’s community – our people. We look forward to singing together for years to come.

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