Thanksiving and Advent

       American Christians have a unique opportunity. We celebrate a time of “thanksgiving” just prior to joining our brothers and sisters from around the globe in the season of Advent. I love it. Giving thanks really should precede the beginning of the church year. The Christ story is worthy of deep gratitude. We talked about Gratitude and Giving last week at FBC Waco. We will explore Gratitude and Forgiving this week. Please read Matthew 18:21-35 before Sunday.
      For years I’ve been talking about Jesus’ three advents. I was happy to see a piece in Christian Reflection that talked about this. Each advent is beautiful. Jesus came to all humankind. We celebrate this at Christmas. Jesus comes to us now. The Spirit of Jesus Christ is moving in the earth. This advent is the reason we can speak of a relationship with God. Jesus will come to judge and make right. We know the end from the beginning.
      I have great expectation about the next few weeks. We’ll feast and fast. We’ll praise and long. We’ll sing and remain silent. God will be present for it all. Hallelujah.

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