…lead me to a rock that is higher than I.


                We find our voice in the book of Psalms. The psalms give us words in the seasons when our own words fail. The psalms crack open our hearts to let in the joy and pain of our sisters and brothers. The psalms are mine. The psalms are yours. The psalms are ours. The psalms are God’s.  

                The psalms weep and shout.  The psalms patiently instruct. The psalms refuse to hurry. The psalms do not blush at repetition.

                Above all, the psalms stake turf on the planet. They serve as a storm weathered steeple pointing to God. They direct us to the biblical God of comfort and consternation. I have been driven to tears reading many of your reflections on the psalms. You have met the Easter Lord in the midst of the words. I am excited about us hearing from these words as we make our way to Advent. Let us cleave to the rock that is higher.

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