Summer Sermons at FBC Waco

What should I do now? What should I do? What shall we do tomorrow? What shall we ever do? What shall we do with ourselves this afternoon, and the day after that, and the next thirty years? F. Scott Fitzgerald scribbled down these questions in 1925. Gatsby’s world was a wasteland of shallowness. His acquaintances chased after Solomon’s wind and found themselves in Eliot’s rat’s alley. The spirit of that age is alive and well.

Men and women still pause to realize the vanity of shallow pursuits and followers of Jesus are still tempted to be squeezed into the patterns of the world. Scripture brings us back to the life of grace, life filled with the creator’s wonder, hope and purpose.

This summer we will journey through Genesis on Sunday mornings and 1 Peter on Wednesday evenings.  These biblical writings are serum against the poison of vanity. They root us in God and God’s purposes in the earth. I hope you plan on gathering with your church family this summer as we connect with God together.

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