Backwards and Forwards 1-27-17

Patience and kindness are in short supply today. We explored these Christ honoring virtues last Sunday at FBC Waco. As an added plus I got to put a Rambo knife on B.H. Carroll's pulpit. Rumor has it he used to keep a pistol there.

We dug in further Wednesday night by studying 1 Samuel 25:1-32. In this  fantastic story David in convinced not to be quick to  wrath through the wise advice of Abigail. Here are some takeaway principles that come in handy when faced with an opportunity to settle a score:

1. Don't let a fool make you foolish. v.25
2. Remember whose and who you are. v.29
3. Consider the consequences. v. 31

This Sunday we turn our attention to the virtue goodness. The focal text will be Galatians 6:7-10. Read up and show up Sunday at 5th and Webster.

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