Off the Record: Commentary on the Journal of the Mississippi Baptist Convention

The Baptist Record will deal with the convention next week. This week was a little thin but they did include a great BP piece that reminded me why I am so glad Thom Rainer is the head of LifeWay. The analysis into their recent study into the thoughts of the formerly churched was great. According to the study two-thirds of those who have left the church are open to coming back. Researcher Scott McConnell said, "Clearly we can encourage Christians to pray that the unchurched would sense God calling them back, but God works through His people. The survey showed that many would respond to an invitation from a friend." Indeed. I encourage you to read the entire piece. It is very important. Note: If you feel like you are reading hebrew it is because I can not get the paragraph function to work on blogger. Sorry.


Perry McCall said...

In light of Hunt's comments I think praise should be given to Jimmy Porter for his article on "The culture of Alcohol" in this isssue. This article addresses a real issue that we can all speak against.

Perry McCall said...

Nathan Finn has an excellent post on this issue in SBC life.

Matt Snowden said...

Jimmy Porter seems like a good guy.

I'll be sure to check out Nathan Finn's post. Reaching the de-churched is one of our main concerns and I appreciate LifeWay dealing with it.

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