Off the Record: Commentary on the Journal of the Mississsippi Baptist Convention

Here are a couple of pieces that I found interesting in this week's Record:

Cooperative Program: Simply the Best
William Perkins' editorial was a promotion piece for the Cooperative Program. He gave a very clear and well thought out argument for the CP. His effort is appreciated.

I believe that the CP is ONE tool for funding missions and not the ONLY one. A famous Memphis preacher, of a former generation, warned us about making the CP a sacred cow. He made the argument during the heat of the resurgence/takeover. I think there was some wisdom in his words. It is the responsibility of the local church to decide how to steward the treasure God gives us. The CP is a good tool but there are others.

Art Toalston of Baptist Press wrote a guest opinion regarding the Ted Haggard story. It was a good article about biblical holiness, grace, and forgiveness. I wrote a number of posts last week about leadership that speak to these issues. Check them out and let me know what you think.

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