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Perry McCall joined our family for lunch yesterday. He came to the city from Madden and couldn't pass up fried chicken thursday at Primos. We talked about the future of the church and our congregations. Perry made a statement that I have been thinking about. He said, "I think in twenty years churches will be stronger, smaller, and there will be more of them." I can't help but think that this would be a positive thing. I would hope that these churches would owe one another what Miroslav Volf calles, "sisterly affection" and demonstrate this throuh missional coopertion.

Question -
Do you see the future this way? What would it take to see it become a realtiy?


Missional Jerry said...

I agree wholeheartedly

that is the future

Matt Snowden said...


Thanks for the comment. I'm sorry for all the typos in the last two posts. My keyboarding skills have been in question lately.

Perry McCall said...

I think it is important to stress the "smaller" as opposed to necessarily small. I am thinking that we are just not going to be able to sustain all of these mega-churches. I also see the commitment in church planting to reproducing in the form of new churches instead of continued growth in the existing Church. Although, the growth in popularity of the multi-site church is both discouraging and disappointing.

Matt Snowden said...


Good points. Here are some thoughts.

I think that growth through addition (healthy growth in an existing church) and multiplication (church planting)is to be desired.

Pastoral education for bivos should be on the radar screen as we revive the "farmer-preacher" model.

On the multi-site thing. I don't see why wacking big churches don't plant churches instead of beaming a disembodied sermon across a metro area. I would stay home and watch TBN if the choice was to get dressed and watch "my pastor" preach on a big screen. I could sit around in my bath robe and eat breakfast while watching Benny Hinn or even Ed Young.

Unknown said...

I think the smaller model is right on. It's more relational. We have way to many activities and not enough "life" together. I'm for a smaller church that's more relational.

Matt Snowden said...


Thanks for commenting. I think the only way that smaller works is if it is combined with - stronger, more, and cooperative. We need to be planting churches, growing deep, and working together.

God bless.

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