This week has been a week for the inspectors. The health department came by the kindergarten and the Mississippi Food Network payed a visit to our food pantry mininstry. This, coupled with April 15 (on the 17th), reminds us that people are looking and pronouncing judgement. We don't live on an island with a vollyball as our only friend, although sometimes ole Wilson looks pretty inviting.

We live in a world where our performance is evaluated on a regular basis. Sometimes we are aware of being measured up. Most of the time we are surprised by the arrival of inspectors and must face their verdict without the benefit of putting on our best face. As the Boy Scouts would advise we must, "be prepared."

Jesus advised his disciples to inspect the lives of others for authenticity. He said, "Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?...Thus you will recognize them by their fruits" Matthew 6:16b;20 (ESV). We would do well to remember that people are watching our lives to see if we give figs or thistles. We need not be unprepared for inspection - Jesus told us it was coming! We will live with inspectors - let's make them our friends.

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