Messy but Worth It

Our magnolia tree is blooming. Summer is knocking on the door. We have already been to some baseball games and I'm itching to jump into the baby pool with Molly Katherine and Wes. The magnolia invited us to summer in all its messy glory and I'm ready for it.

Summer is full of messy things that are worth it. The ole magnolia is one of them. Mrs. Sara, our neighbor, was concerned that I was going to cut it down when we moved in. She asked/dared me when I met her, "You're not going to cut down that tree are you?" It never occured to me to cut down a magnolia. I was sure there was a state law against it or maybe a verse condemning the practice in the book of Leviticus. I know you can't pick sea oates in Florida, I figured magnolias were off limits in Mississippi. I asked Mrs. Sara, "Do people cut down magnolias?" She said, "O sure they do. Magnolias are a terrible mess." I found that to be true the first time I tried to cut the grass. Magnolias, in fact, are difficult - but worth it. Summer provides other messy but worth it things: snowballs, watermelon, baseball, and barbecue.

When you stop and think about it life offers another list of messy but worth it things - faith, children, marriages, the church you go to or could go to, friendships, etc. Before you cut down any trees because of the mess stop and consider the blooms.

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