This Sunday will be our last Sunday at Truitt Memorial Baptist Church. I will baptize and preach my last sermon in a church we truly love. Meredith and I have shed more than a few tears over the transition before us. We are moving to Meridian, MS where I have accepted the position of associate pastor (something I never thought I would do) at First Baptist Church. We are really excited about the new ministry and believe that God has a wonderful work prepared for us. We are in a time of change and we have two congregations in our hearts. That is not easy! I'll be in Waco, Texas over the next two weeks working at Baylor. I'm leaving Meredith to close on our house and prepare for our move. My first Sunday in Meridian will be July 1. As Scott Peck once said, "Life is difficult." It is also a great adventure. Please keep us in your prayers as we walk through changes together.


Kevin Bussey said...

Good luck Matt.

Gary Snowden said...

Blessings on you and your family as you move to this new ministry.

Matt Snowden said...


Thanks. I am looking forward to getting started in Meridian. I am very excited about the church and believe God wants to do some great stuff with us. Keep us in your prayers.

I look forward to writing a bunch of new posts when I get settled.

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