We watched an amazing show on TV last night. ABC took six wannabe country singers from the middle of nowhere and presented them with a challenge. If they could get to Martina McBride in six steps they would be given a chance at a record contract. All six began with friends and were passed to other friends until they got to meet the country mega star. All six! This reality, known as six degrees of seperation, is amazing to behold. Actor Kevin Bacon is more famous for this than for his acting career.

"Six degrees" illustrates something very important for the Christian. The ABC narrator remarked, "there is a flesh and blood world wide web." The Christian gospel is passed along through this web of connection. The web reaches back to Pentecost. We are literally connected to Jesus' first disciples through the flesh and blood web of Christian mission. Those who have yet to profess faith in Christ are connected to Pentecost by us and our web of relationships. Sociologist Rodney Stark observed, "The basis for succesful conversionist movements is growth through social networks, through a structure of direct and intimate interpersonal attachments."

If you are a follower of Jesus everone on the planet is just few steps away from the gospel. WOW!

More about this tomorrow.


mdmincy said...

Hey Matt. How's it going? Its good to see that you are watching that high quality Got a book for you... irresistible revolution by Shane Claiborne. Its pretty good.

Matt Snowden said...

We are actually getting cable in the new house. It's been a long time.

Things are going well. We bought a house and the church is good. I'd love the book. Do you know if I still have some of your books. I'm still going through books and will send any of yours I find. I have never heard of Claiborne but the title sounds good. Media mail is cheap (I'll pay you back if you ship it to me).

my office address is -

First Baptist Church
PO Box 1509
Meridian, MS 39302

How are you guys going? We miss ya'll alot and pray for you often.

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