Dora on Leadership

I watch Dora the Explorer DVDs all the time. Molly Katherine is a huge Dora fan so I've become one as well. The other day I began to notice that Dora teaches some very important leadership principles. Here are just a few -

Define the challenge.
Dora always begins here adventures by consulting Map. Map helps her find her way. She also looks in Backpack to see what kind of resources she has to get the job done. She repeats the challenge before her again and again so that all are clear about the work. Dora sees her victory before she experiences it.

Work as a team.
Dora works with Boots and Diego to reach her goal. Her team works together making the challenge more fun and meaningful. Dora is no lone ranger.

Look out for Swiper.
Swiper is always present to steal from Dora's team and make their challenge more difficult. John 10:10 states, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy..." (NRSV). We would be wise to watch out for "Swiper." Anything God does through us will be challenged.

Celebrate each victory.
Dora, Boots, and Diego celebrate each victory with the song, We Did It. It is important to celebrate victories large and small. This encourages hard work and faithfulness during the next challenge. "More bricks and no straw" never leads to increased success.

Thanks Dora!


Perry McCall said...

Swiper! No swiping. Swiper! No swiping. Swiper! No swiping.

Ahhh Maann!!

Perry McCall said...

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