GOD works through people!

Mac Barnes spoke to our deacons yesterday. Coach Barnes is one of the best high school football coaches in the state of Mississippi. He coached Meridian High for many moons and is now the head coach at Lamar School. The force of his message - "God works through people."

I spoke with my friend Gary this morning. He was asked by our pastor to speak in the mid-week service at our church. Gary is an investment guy. He is going to talk about investing in people. God works through people.

I think we need to place a little emphasis on the order of that sentence. GOD works through people. Here is a quote from Louie Giglio that I think is helpful -

When God invites us into His Story, assigning us various roles that are seemingly too big for us to carry out, His affirmation is always the same - I will be with you.


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