One of my main goals is to make Wes proud of his Daddy.

I took a bus full of women to the Deeper Still conference in Atlanta this weekend. During one of the sessions Kay Arthur talked about Moses and his encounter with God. She said that, "It wasn't the bush - it was the fire." She used that image to encourage humility. We are wilderness shrubs in the service of the fire. Any bush will do. That was one of the many "take aways" from the conference.

I also got heartbreaking news about the moral fall of a local pastor this weekend. He is a man I respected as a solid Christian leader. His church met in worship today and from all reports God was present in a powerful way. It reminded me that God doesn't need me or any one else to advance his kingdom. He will use us to bring glory to himself but if we fall he will raise up another. We are not nearly as important as we often think we are.

When I look at my kids and think about my ministry I really don't want to dissapoint them. I want to be a simple bush in service to the fire. Maybe we should all want this for ourselves.

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Perry McCall said...

Good thoughts....Heart breaking!

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