The Big One

I have one clear goal. I want to glorify God. I know that sounds Sundayschoolie but it is true most days. I once thought people with clearly defined life goals were a little sophmoric. How could I join their tribe. I was so wonderfully complex that I needed to be defined in a number of ways or excape definition all together. I was the dunce. Wrapping life around a single core commitment is the only way to make sense of the complexity. It allows us to avoid bondage to fake freedom which make us unstable in all our ways.

I've been reading Galatians over and over lately. I've given the most time to the bio. stuff in the beginning. I used to skim that on my way to the theology. I'm learning that the best theology is found in the narratives of our lives. Paul's best theology is buried in his testimony. After sharing about the way Christ changed his life Paul said, "And they glorified God in me." What a statement. I'm driven by a desire to have people say that about me. I want them to see the kind ways God has dealt with me and think big of Him. I want people to see quality changes in me and attribute them to their true source. I want God to receive His Glory - because of me.

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