"Somebody left their Jesus."

Meredith picked up some chicken fingers from Raising Cane's and brought the kids by the church for lunch. We spread our dinner out on a small table in one of the children's Sunday school rooms and ate together. Molly Katherine and Wes ate with great speed so that they could play. While Meredith and I were talking Molly Katherine said something that really got me thinking about authentic faith.

She found a toy Jesus, of the stuffed animal variety, sitting on a table in the corner. Someone gave it to the church recently because they thought it would be sacrilegious to throw it away or give it to goodwill. We Baptists can be a little weird. When the Bird found it she said, "Somebody left their Jesus up here." I laughed.

I then began to think about all the Sundays that I have tried to leave Jesus at the Meeting House. He has a place in the sanctuary. I welcome his presence there but I often shut him out of my house. I'm not being mean about it. There are just times that I want to run my own home and be the master of my own life. I'm pretty sure it's called sin.

Did you go to church yesterday? Did you leave Jesus there? I hope not.

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