Vision and Memory

"For anyone who lacks these things is nearsighted and blind, and is forgetful of the cleansing of past sins." 2 Peter 1:9 (NRSV)

I've been thinking alot about spiritual growth. I think it is because I'm now a father and deeply concerned about setting an example for my kids. You simply can't fake your Sunday best 24 hours at a time. You've got to be the real thing in the presence of toddlers. They are little judges, standing at the door.

My bible reading slows down when I come to passages about sanctification and the Spirit-filled life. Peter's second epistle is one place I've spent some time this week. Peter was concerned about the growth of his congregants. In 2 Peter 1 he called them to be dilligent to grow and be fruitful. Verse 9 contains an insight about spiritual growth that is, I think, pretty important. Peter said that the spiritually lethargic lack both vision and memory.

We need vision to see the broader scope of life. Peter was dealing with false teachers that denied the future hope of Christ's second advent. It stunted their growth. We must live with an eye toward eternity. If we don't we get bloated on the banal.

We also need enough memory to recall the cleansing and freedom provided by the grace of Jesus. He has purged his people of every kind of darkness. Forgetting this leads to the kind of self-sufficient pride that kills any hope of spiritual maturity. I love the photo of the little duck being released into the wild. The little guy had been in an oil spill. Great effort and expense went into cleaning him up. He lives and grows because someone paid a price. The duck was not the kind of dirty splashing about in a pond could cure. He was dirty unto death, helpless in himself. He's now flying because of, well, grace. Ya been there?

I'm praying for God to help me remember and see. Will you join me?

"His divine power has given us everything needed for life and godliness..." 2 Peter 1:3a (NRSV)


Sam said...

Atheists assume themselves to be extra smart. Western model of moral-development places theists at junior levels compared to atheists. How do you go about that ?
Reference : Kohlberg's stages of moral development's_stages_of_moral_development

Jason said...

How are you doing? Send me your email address and phone number so we can catch up. My number is (919)362-5182 and my email is: We are expecting #5 soon.

Matt Snowden said...

Great to hear from you. I can't believe that you are going to have your 5th kid. Way to go! We do need to catch up.

Not sure what you are talking about. I see that you are from India. I spent a summer working in the south part of the country.

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