Connecting - Sent

I get two messages, several times, every day. They come from my computer and cell phone. You get them as well. Connecting. Sent. We live in a world of electronic communication and online community. We are never more than a text away from our friends scattered around the world and around town. They are in our hip pocket and we are in their's. The two messages of this relational web are connecting and sent. These messages, I assume, come from some all knowing wizard, a nerdy guy that looks like Jobs or Gates.

I have come to incorporate these wizardly messages into my spiritual formation. When I see them I've begun to ask a couple of questions. Here's how it goes for me. -

Connecting - Am I connecting with God and his people? In what ways do I need to cultivate vital worship, discipleship, and fellowship?

Sent - Am I living a sent life? I've been called to serve people and share the message of Christ. I've been sent by God. In what ways do I need to cultivate vital service and evangelism?

When you hear from the wizard look deep. God has sent you and wants you to connect.

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