A Lesson from the Threefoot

It seems like everyone in Meridian wants to talk about the Threefoot these days. There are scores of opinions, a lot of heat, and every now and then some light. I was talking to my grandfather Charley the other day and the Threefoot came up. I got a lesson that I was not expecting. He told me that my great-grandfather Ody Snowden contracted to hang the original doors in the building. He agreed to be payed per door hung. He was so fast and efficient they wanted to put him on salary. He refused and made enough money to start his own construction company. The old time carpenters told my grandfather that the reason he was so good was that he came to work early every day and sharpened each tool before the work day began. There is a lesson here for us.

So often we rush into ministry without taking the time to sharpen ourselves spiritually. We try to use our gifts before we fan them into flame. We need to attend to our spiritual formation. This is hard for activity prone disciples to do but it is necessary if we are going to get the job done.

Don't forget to sharpen your tools!

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