"Today is my someday."

I gathered with adult SS leaders last night to talk about our church's ministry in the summer. We are going to refresh Wednesday nights and we're calling the mid-week service, The Gathering. We are devoting Sunday evenings to SS class based ministry and mission service projects called, Walking. In defining a win for the SS teachers I said that I really wanted to see a number of our church members get involved in ministry for the first time. Watching church goers become the church for the sake of the Kingdom is one of my great passions. I read something this morning that helped me frame my thoughts on these things.

I got a samply of Mark Batterson's, "Chase the Goose: Reclaiming the Adventure of Living a Spirit-Led Life." I'm reviewing it for our twentysumthings ministry. Apparently the Irish called the Holy Spirit the Wild Goose. Batterson's work is about following the leadership of the Spirit. In the first session of this study he said this,

"In his inaugural address, President Kennedy challenged the American people, 'Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.'The Peace Corp program emerged from that challenge. In the past year, the number of volunteers in their 50s and older has risen by 50 percent. One of those Peace Corp baby boomers is 64-year-old Loyci Stockey, who said, 'I never forgot his message, and I tucked it away in the back of my head to act on someday. Today is my someday.' That's a powerful statement." Indeed.

Many Christians have a sleeping dream in their hearts - a when I get around to it kind of thing. My prayer is that many of our church members will follow the Wild Goose into their God-given dreams this summer! I'm praying that many of us will say, "Today is my someday."

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