Meridian para Christo - ahora.

We are approaching the end of the "Gathering and Walking Summer Experiment." I stand amazed at the way God has been working in and through our church. My prayer and hope was that a few people would move from pew warmer to servant. I should have prayed bigger. God blew the doors of my vision for what could happen. I'd like to thank you to all of my FBC Meridian friends for hearing from God and acting for His glory.

Many of you said, "Today is my someday." I'd say that today is the day for our church and community. I read an awesome article recently that gave me reasons to dream big. It was about the spiritual revival that is going on in Cuba. I was interested in the content because Greg Massey studied this revival as he was preparing for Lauderdale Baptist Association's engagement in the Dominican Republic.

Here is a guote from the Christianity Today article, "Their current evangelistic zeal is best summed up in the recent modification of a common evangelical rallying cry: from 'Cuba para Christo' to Cuba para Cristo-ahora.' Cuba for Christ-now."

I've been hearing people in our church say - now. Now is the time. I'm ready now. Let's do it now.

I can't think of a better word for the new church year that is upon us - NOW!

Meridian para Christo - ahora!
Meridian for Christ - now!

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