Get up and pray...

We continue our, Places of the Passion, sermon series this Sunday morning. I will explore the garden prayer scene in Luke 22:39-46. The evangelist gives us a good glimpse into the prayer life of Jesus. We are wise to learn from him. Rabbi Jesus is simply the best teacher and model of authentic prayer.

Stanley Grenz once said, "The greatest challenge that we face today is the challenge to pray." The three apostles faced this same challenge and Jesus called them to, "Get up and pray..." We need to respond to this challenge. A good place to start is by following Jesus' example in the garden.

The word Gethsemane means, "oil press." It is a fitting name for what happened there. The Presence of the Sprirt was pressed out of Jesus' prayer time and he received strength for the hour. Jesus wanted his three closest friends to experience the same gracious anointing he did. They slept through it. We don't have to.

Read Jesus' prayer and notice the elements of it. His prayer life was: habitual, honest, passionate, and faith-filled. Are these elements part of your prayer life? Join us this Sunday as we examine this prayer together or check it out on Truthcasting later in the week. God bless y'all!

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