My Stack of Books

A friend and congregant  recently asked me, "What are you reading now?" I have a few books in the stack and I hope to finish them sometime soon. Here's my list. What are you reading?
  1.  Christian Doctrine - Walter Thomas Conner (1937)
  2. Goodbye to a River - John Graves (1959)
  3.  God's Order - John A. Mackay (1953)
  4. The Orchard Keeper - Cormac McCarthy (1965)
  5. Home  - Marilynn Robinson (2008)
  6. Under the Unpredictable Plant - Eugene H. Peterson (1992)
  7. The Expositor's Bible Commentary on Colossians - Todd Still (2006)


djh said...

Thanks for giving me a reason to go back to stuff I haven't read for a while. When you finish John Graves' book, you might like to sample Larry McMurtry's In a Narrow Grave.

I'm reading Crazy Talk, Stupid Talk by Neil Postman and The Autobiography of Mark Twain - they complement one another in very interesting ways

Matt Snowden said...

I read Amusing Ourselves To Death a few years ago. I think that was the title.

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