Off the Record: Commentary on the Journal of the Mississippi Baptist Convention

Youth Weeks a hit in relocated setting
Youth Weeks have always been well attended, quality events. I feared the future of Youth Week following Katrina and the damage to G.B.A. It seems clear that moving the event to the Jackson area has not hindered the program. Good work ya'll.

Get ready, stay ready
William Perkins' editorial was a very sane treatment of events in the Middle East and eschatology. I liked his line, "Don't try to divine the future; don't even give a worry to the future. Just be ready." That pretty much states my position on the issue as well.

The strangers within our gates
Martha Stockstill wrote a wonderful guest opinion on ministry to internationals. She stated again the missional Baptist ethos that has guided Mississippi Baptists for years. She also called attention to a literacy conference to be held at Crossgates Church July 27-29. If you are interested call Paula Smith @ 601.292.3336.

Jim Futral is sporting a new Lex Luthor look. He appears twenty years younger. He wrote this week about a creative pro-life project called Memorial to the Missing. This project is a breath of fresh air following the crazy nature of the anti-abortion protests in Jackson last week. These "pro-family" folks thought it a Christian witness to have children destroy a Koran and "gay" flag. I was heart broken when I saw it on the news. Jimmy Porter and Lee Yancey should be commended for their wisdom and restraint.

Analysis: The case for alcohol abstinence
The Record chose to print a piece written by Paige Patterson against, "imbibing strong drink." Classic Patterson stuff - Yada, Yada, Yada. Let's move on!

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