REIDing Blogs II

Steve McCoy's Missional Baptist blog is about to die. I was sad to hear the news. I will always be grateful for that blog - it introduced me to the blog world and has renewed me on many levels. I was about done with the SBC. The spiritual language issue almost clinched the deal. I googled "missional baptist" and discovered a collection of Baptist thinkers I did not know existed. From there I fumbled through and began this rather modest blog, mostly to communicate with church members and other Baptists in Mississippi. In three months I have: communicated with Alvin Reid-learing about creative evangelism, talked with Buster Wilson about a network of Renewal Baptists in Mississippi, increased CP giving in next years church budget, met many new friends, made plans to go to next years SBC, etc. Our Minsiter of Congregational life is going to Peoria, Illinois this week to lead a childrens outreach - because of this blog. I can't say enough about the positive influence blogging has had on my ministry. Thank you, Steve!

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