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I am amazed at the positive role blogging plays in the advance of missional Christianity. I had an experience recently that illustrated this for me.

Alvin Reid of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has joined the blogging conversation. I have a good deal of respect for Professor Reid. He wrote a wonderful introduction to envangelism that I read in seminary. I refer to it again and again. Reid is passionate, open, and dedicated to the message of Jesus.

Dr. Reid reviewed Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat on his new blogsite. I just listened to the book on CD driving to Texas so I commented, "I just finished Friedman's book. Do you think that the connected and collaborative digital ecosystem written about in this book made a difference at this years SBC?" He promptly commented, "Matt: to answer your question, yes I do believe bloggers made an impact. And I believe the SBC and other bureacracies will be nudged along toward change via the new world in which we live. I started a website a few years ago intentionally because I knew youth and college students would soon be living there. As Sweet noted in Soul Tsunami, I don't carry a business card, I have a website:-)"

It is amazing to me that blogging has allowed a young pastor of a small church (me) the access to a seminary professor like Alvin Reid. It is equally amazing that this access is available to everyone. Change is here. Let's ride it toward revival!


Royce Ogle said...


At the expense of being seen as a "knit picker", terms like "missional Christianity" are comical.

Any movement that is not "missional" is not Christian is it?

Perry McCall said...

I think you are "knit picking" but I do understand your point. However, missional is still an important term to be used. As the term is being applied, it reflects an attitude towards missions that goes beyond the 10% missions of contemporary Churches. (Bapt. esp.) It also reflects a desire to promote a total life committment of everyone to missions. Mission trips are great but they only reflect one week out of the year.

absolutely!! I thought the same thing the other day as many of us found ourselves discussing leadership with Andy Stanley on Tad's leadership blog. However, the impact of the blogs on conv. life is minor compared to the impact that "flattening" of the world is going to have (can)have on global church planting. we are already using local American based churches as the lead strategy coorinators for areas and people groups in India ect. The danger will be in not losing our biblical theological foundations in the process. But when churches and individuals embrace the tech. used for micro-multinational start ups for the cause global missions, then the next reformation will truly be on the way.

Matt Snowden said...

Thank you for your comments. I forgive your knit picking, please forgive my use of comical language. I think my use of the term stems from a reaction to the nominal religion in "Christian" America.

To be quite honest my wife Meredith totally agrees with your comments. I will try be more clear in my language. I hope you will see the wisdom of Perry's comments. Good to hear from you!

Matt Snowden said...

Dr. Reid,
Thanks for the comments. I would love to visit with you. We are planning on going to San Antonio next year (I can't believe I just wrote that). Maybe then? Will there be any good conferences at SEBTS? You are in my prayers.

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