Off the Record: Commentary on the Journal of the Mississippi Baptist Convention

The Record was given to three main themes this week.

1. Youth Night
I wrote a very positive review of Youth Night titled "Wide is Your Love and Grace." Perry McCall and I had a healthy discussion about the event that ended in me promising to sport a large hat to the San Antonio SBC. Check out our July conversation and Perry's blog - The Kettering Fellowship.

2. Alcohol
I do not drink and don't recommend it. However, I think the discussion about alcohol is absorbing needed passion from our Baptist writers and thinkers. Bottom line - the messengers at the SBC voted for the anti-alcohol resolution in a massive way. The winners should not act like losers - it rings untrue. It's a good time to move to something more fruitful.

3. Calvinism
A letter to the editor toasted Frank Page for his openess to Calvinists. Here are my thoughts:
I am not a Calvinist but William Carey was.
I am not a Calvinist but Charles Spurgeon was.
I am not a Calvinist but many godly Baptists are.
If someone is concerned about his or her church calling a Reformed pastor then that person should become theologically educated and active in the life of the congregation. Hey, that would be a very good idea anyway. I am praying for a new era of cooperation. I hope for a Baptist community large enough for Calvinists, charismatics, just good ole' fashin' Baptists, etc.

Have a good weekend!


Perry McCall said...

This alcohol thing is definitely getting out of hand. 12 Witnesses has a good post on the issue. Have you read Welch's parting shots in SBC Life? His is worse than Perkin's editoral. Perkin's (and others) have completely missed the point. The resolution was not like all the other resolutions on alcohol. It went further than saying we should not drink. It even went further than we ought not to drink. The resolution was that a person could not drink and be apart of SBC life. Perkin's commentary is full of misleading off the actual point spin. Those who opposed the resolution would readily oppose the type of behavior he is trying to say messengers were supporting. Welch's article however takes the cake. His quotes concerning what took place in the debate are close to malicious lies. It is simply amazing.

Matt Snowden said...

I honestly think that the alcohol issue is a strategy to derail an agenda of positive change. I fear that a number of our best thinkers will take the bait. I know some old vets of the resurgence/takeover. They will tell you that junta in charge is brilliant when it comes to political moves and not given to fair play. The old moderates were very poor strategists and it cost them. If young Baptists don't wisen up on this issue then they will be destroyed in San Antonio. It's not about alcohol. It is about framing the issues. If the junta frames them it's over and the status quo wins the day. The best thing we could do is let this thing die.

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