Off the Record: Commentary on the Journal of the Mississippi Baptist Convention

I would like to highlight a couple of items of interest in this week's Baptist Record.

Katrina musical ministers to thousands
David T. Clydesdale led a large mass choir on the coast. One of the participants said, "Out of this tragedy came the unity Christians have. The power of Christ just enveloped everyone." Our prayers are still with our sisters and brothers on the coast.

Evangelists needed, now more than ever
Bill Britt wrote a quest opinion on the need for vocational evangelists. I first read this piece in the May issue of "Fires of Revival" and then again in BP. There is a discussion of it and related material on the comment section of last week's "Off the Record."

MySpace website captivating youth
The Record ran a BP piece on the popular MySpace web site. I thought it was a balanced and helpful intoduction to MySpace. My wife has a page and we keep up on most the students in our church through MySpace. The piece includes a great quote from a student minister named Bryan Bulmer, "Youth pastors need to help parents understand how to use this site to keep with the youth culture. Too often we as adults want to label something as bad because we don't want to do the work to understand it." I feel the same way about the guys cursing "blogging pastors."

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