Preaching Preview for Sunday 8.13.06

Title: Missio Dei VI: Redeeming Values
Background Text: Ruth

God is at work. The amazing thing to me is that God calls men and women like us to join Him in this mission. Sunday morning we will explore the life of Boaz, the great kinsman redeemer of the Old Testement. Boaz was a man of values - we may even call them redeeming values. The things he valued are timeless and serve as fuel for the mission of God today. Boaz valued: creative speech, obedience to God, kindness, co-working with God, sacrificial living, life giving community, and hope.

Read the book of Ruth and look for these values. Ask God to produce these fruitful values in your life.

PM Message - I Thessalonians 5:12-27

Note: We will be celebrating the Supper in the morning service and collecting a community service offering.

See Ya'll Sunday!

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