Larry Kennedy Remembered

Dr. Larry Kennedy, president of William Carey University, died today. Meredith and I both graduated from Carey and were sad to hear the news. We remember Dr. Kennedy as a godly man who did a number of wonderful things for the school. Our prayers are with Dr. Kennedy's family and the university.


Perry McCall said...

Thank you for the report.

Will said...

He certainly did great things for Carey.

Matt Snowden said...

Will I would like to introduce you to Perry - Perry to Will.

Will - Perry is a friend. He pastors in Mississippi and knows Ray Van Neste (I checked out your blog). You know I like Sjogren and was a little bummed by his comments.

Perry - I can honestly say I count Will as my best friend. He is one of the greatest guys I know. Will is a pastor in Florida.

Guys - I agree with will that Dr. Kennedy did great things for Carey.

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